Why Make a Will?

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How to Avoid Family Rows About Your Money

If you die tomorrow, will your property be divided in accordance with your wishes?

fighting over vase 1500 Fighting Over the Family Inheritance

Reasons for Making a Will: Don’t Leave Your Grieving Relatives Fighting Over the Inheritance

An unfair or inadequate Will can create lasting grievances.

If you do not make a Will, your estate will devolve according to the law relating to intestacy (Intestacy means not having a will). The consequence of intestacy is explained below and could be bad news for a number of reasons.

Broadly speaking , a Will disposes of everything which you own. Therefore it should be carefully worded, as it will affect not only the financial well-being of your family but also its harmony.

If your estate is substantial or complicated it would be worth asking a solicitor or qualified practitioner to prepare it, as a Solicitor is experienced in…

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