Using Photographs to Design Products on Zazzle

How I Designed an Apron Decorated with a Christmas Cake

First I made a Christmas Cake with my grandson, and used some white icing and colored marzipan to decorate it, making a tree, some penguins and a rather nondescript black animal, intended to be a fox.

Then I took some photographs, and used the best one as a basis for the apron design.

Using the facilities on Zazzle, I designed the apron and added some wording.

Here’s the photo of the cake:

Christmas Cake 3

And here’s the finished product – an “I Love Yummy Home Cooking” Apron

I also designed a Tomato Apron and used the same photograph for a Poster and for a Shopping Tote:

tomatoes red 2

Five Red Tomatoes on the Vine

Here’s the Tomato Apron on Zazzle:

Do take a look at my other designs on Zazzle –

in my Zazzle Shop Called Glorious Confusion


About Diana Grant

I enjoy reading, collecting books, writing articles and poetry, gardening, cooking, current affairs, craft work, computing, and being with my family. I'm interested in human rights and family law. Until I retired a few years ago, I was a solicitor practising in London. Follow Diana's board Books on Pinterest.
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